Celula Peltier TEC1-12704 40×40

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Product Description

Chip Model: tec1-12704
Overall dimensions: 40*40*4.2mm component logarithm 127
Wire specification: lead long 100±5mm RV standard conductor single head 5mm tin plating
Internal resistance: 3.0~3.3ω (ambient temperature 23±1℃, 1kHZ AC test)
Maximum temperature difference: Tmax (qc=0) 60 ℃ above.
Working current: imax=12 (rated voltage start)
Rated Voltage: $literal (Vmax: 5V)
Cooling power: Qcmax 36W
Assembling pressure: 85n/cm2
Working environment: Temperature range -55℃~83℃ (high ambient
temperature will directly affect refrigeration efficiency)
Packaging process: Ambient standard 704 Silicone rubber seal
Packaging standards: Foam box packaging, storage conditions ambient temperature -10℃~40℃
Storage conditions:-40~60℃

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