Controler panou solar 12/24V 30A dual USB MPPT

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Product Description

Work for 12V/24V lead acid/12V lithium battery


Charging Current30A40A50A60A100A
Discharging Current10A20A20A30A50A
Solar photovoltaic voltage12V with 18V solar panel 24V with 36V solar panel
Equalization14.4V(Sealed) 14.2V(Gel) 14.6V(Flood)
Float charge13.7V/27.4V
Discharge stop10.7V/21.4V
Discharge reconnect12.6V/25.2V
USB output5V/2A
Packing Size175*100*47mm
Packing Weight320g
Self-consum <10mA
Operating temperature-35°C~+60°C
Installation linenumber≤5#AWG(6mm2)


Menu key: switch parameter display interface and settings
Upturn: press this key once to add a level to the corresponding parameter
Down: press this button once to decrease the corresponding parameter down one level

Setup Description:

1. Press the menu key in the main interface, select the interface to adjust the corresponding parameters and set the working state of the equipment.
2. Working mode of load, COT manual mode load output, AUTO automatic light control mode. 00: 58 Set the output time after no sunlight.
3. Set the real-time working status: D 13.1 V the battery voltage value display, D 29.1 ℃ temperature display, D2.1A solar charging current display, large current charging arrow flows fast, and vice versa. The d0.0a output load current dispaly, the large current discharge arrow flows fast and vice versa.

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