Senzor lumina cu releu 12V XH-M131


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Product Description

This module can be used as light detection, brightness detection, with power indicator (red) and relay pull-in indicator (blue), and with four M3 screw mounting holes, which greatly facilitates the installation, the board can be adjusted by potentiometer Photosensitivity, self-contained relays, and various brightness detection control switches can be used, such as street lights, etc., automatically turn on at night, automatically extinguish during the day, and other equipment that requires automation.

The potentiometer can be used to adjust the sensitivity. By adjusting the potentiometer, the start relay’s threshold value can be set. When the light is darker than this threshold, the module relay pulls in. When the threshold is bright, the relay is disconnected.

Light threshold can be adjusted by potentiometer to set the relay start.

Input: 12v
Load capacity: 10A / AC 250V or DC up to 30V
RED LED ON: Indicate the Power ON
BLUE LED ON: Relay is working
Module output terminal has three ports
Normally open ( NO )
Common terminal ( COM )
Normally closed ( NC )

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