Termostat digital XY-T01

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Product Description

1>.LCD display;

2>.Power-down memory function;

3>.Emergency stop function;

4>.Real-time display temperature;

5>.Automatically save parameters;

6>.Support UART Set;

7>.High temperature buzzer alarm;

8>.Work status indicator;

9>.Wide range of delay start times

Parameters :

1>.Product Name:Digital Temperature Controller

2>.Product Number:XY-T01

3>.Working Voltage:DC 6V-30V or 5V Micro USB

4>.Control Load Current:10A(Max)

5>.LCD refresh rate:0.5 second

6>.Temperature Sensor:NTC-10K B3950

7>.Test temperature: -50~110℃

8>.Control precision:0.1℃

9>.Sensor length: 0.5 meter

10>.Sensor probe specifications:4*30mm Stainless steel

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